Living the Cure

Dearest and most treasured adult survivors of childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancers,

I am a 40-year adult survivor of childhood cancer [Ewing’s Sarcoma] whose heart failed in April 2008 as a direct result of heart damage from the chemotherapy and radiation used to save my life when I was 8 years old.

Professionally, I gave myself to pediatric oncology as a nurse practitioner in the area of survivorship [and] late effects in service to the under-informed survivor with regard to treatment history AND cultivating wellness.

Personally, I wear many hats: wife. mom. friend. confidante. trailblazer. survivor. change agent. paraclete. advocate.

I believe that we, as survivors, have a couple of choices to make:

First, where will we reside?
1) the past –> depression
2) the future –> fear[full]
3) the here [and] now –> fully alive

Roughly 30 years ago when I was 17 years-old. I chose the MOMENT as my place of residence. That’s not to say that I’ve mastered the fine art of remaining in the moment enjoying the power of now because the heart truth is that I battle fiercely at times.

Next, I believe we have to choose whether we pursue wellness or become defined by illness.

I have consistently chosen wellness.

Childhood Cancer is part of who I am not who I am [but] I refuse to be defined by any one illness or chronic challenge that I may face.

Living the Cure [for me] is all about seeking and cultivating wellness in every area of my life while being ever mindful of my cancer treatment history [and] the risks I carry for treatment-related late effects.

It is my goal to educate and equip, inform and inspire all of us as we come together to do this thing called LIFE.

So, welcome to my blog, a blog written by one who ‘gets it’ because I live it. Thus, I’ve earned the right to speak into the moments of survivorship that we all face whether we openly admit it or not!

Stephanie 💥

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