Giving Thanks

Part of survivor life is knowing that you're never out of the woods, so to speak; there is always a part of you that wonders if/when the sword of Damocles is going to drop again. I shared how I organize my healthcare such that I do all of my follow ups in May and November … Continue reading Giving Thanks


Presence is everything, and by presence, I mean being fully present, fully engaged. What do I say to a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with cancer? What are the right words? What do they want to talk about? What if I say something stupid or insensitive? What do I say to an … Continue reading Presence

Best Friends, Birthdays, [and] Bad Moms

After almost an entire week of my household being sick, Thursday finally showed up! Thursday had been on my calendar for a month; Thursday was 'Best Friends, Birthdays, and Bad Moms' Day which translates into 'Celebrate Good Times, C'mon'; Thursday was celebrate Kara day! Kara and I have walked through thick and thin in terms … Continue reading Best Friends, Birthdays, [and] Bad Moms

Memories and Milestones

Nine & 1/2 years ago this week, I was a young wife and the mom to our just-turned-5-year-old son. Nine & 1/2 years ago this week, I was a young wife and mom with end stage heart failure caused directly by successful, yet highly toxic cancer treatment that I received as a child for Ewing’s … Continue reading Memories and Milestones


It's a 'Monslay Monday'! I woke up at 3 am; 3 am, people. I didn't wake up to go to the bathroom; no, I woke up for the day at 3 am for no good reason. That is the first sign that it's going to take a 'Monslay' kind of attitude to make it through … Continue reading Monslay

Hearts of Gold 2017

On October 5th, I had the distinct privilege of giving the keynote address at the Rutledge Foundation's Hearts of Gold Luncheon: Accelerating the Path to Personalized Cancer Therapy in Fort Worth, Texas. It is always a JOY to share my lived experience as a young adult survivor of Ewing's Sarcoma; however, this was a particularly … Continue reading Hearts of Gold 2017

iPhone: Do Not Disturb

I received my first iPhone for Christmas in 2008 because it was the only device that offered the ability to set 8 different alarms to aid me with my post transplant medication regimen. Obviously, since we are talking iPhone 8 and X now, things have evolved as has my love for two of its other … Continue reading iPhone: Do Not Disturb

Primary Care Provider: Get One!

Fact: primary care providers [PCP]  are essential in the life of the cancer survivor, so get one! Fact: medical education does not speak to the potential late effects of cancer treatment and appropriate screenings across time. Fact: we, survivors, have a tendency to feel safe [and] secure under the umbrella of our oncologists; however, our … Continue reading Primary Care Provider: Get One!