iPhone: Do Not Disturb

I received my first iPhone for Christmas in 2008 because it was the only device that offered the ability to set 8 different alarms to aid me with my post transplant medication regimen. Obviously, since we are talking iPhone 8 and X now, things have evolved as has my love for two of its other features: 1) the Do Not Disturb Sign and 2) the Emergency ID Information.

This post will focus on the Do Not Disturb Sign.

First piece of advice: USE it!

Stress reduction strategies are important in all of our lives as the scientific literature has shown us stress negatively impacts our health and wellbeing increasing the likelihood that we will develop diabetes, heart disease, sleep disturbances, and yes, cancer too.

The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to schedule hours of each day when no one can reach you except for those on your favorites lists or a repeat caller.

Follow the steps below to activate this feature.

1) Go into Settings

2) Touch the Do Not Disturb Icon [Crescent Moon]

3) Select Scheduled, then set your time window and identify those whose calls can break through during those hours [everyone, no one, favorites, or groups you have identified]

4) Set the silence function

My Do Not Disturb sign goes up at 10pm each night and stays up until 7am each morning.

When the Do Not Disturb sign is up, you will see the crescent moon in the uppermost right hand corner of your phone where you see your charge icon.

Finally, you can manually activate this feature whenever you choose by swiping up on your home screen and touching the crescent moon.

I often do this when I get in the car so that I don’t hear my text alerts while driving. This eliminates the temptation of glancing at my phone because we all know: it CAN wait!

This is just one way to reduce the stress caused by our hyper-connected, 24/7/365 culture.

PS I also don’t allow myself to get “pushed” around; I have turned off all push notifications with the exception of Amber alerts.

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