It’s a ‘Monslay Monday’!

I woke up at 3 am; 3 am, people.

I didn’t wake up to go to the bathroom; no, I woke up for the day at 3 am for no good reason. That is the first sign that it’s going to take a ‘Monslay’ kind of attitude to make it through the day.

Normally, I would stay awake, do some social media stuff (which I did), run our son to school which I will in 2 hours, then return home to take a recovery nap. Said nap will not be happening today as November is one of the two months of the year that I schedule all of my follow up healthcare appointments, and this morning I have dermatology right after carpool. YAY, me!

I have the absolute JOY of disrobing only to be wrapped up in a cold, sterile, and friable paper gown while I wait 10 minutes for the nurse practitioner to come through the door. Insult to injury, I will not be seeing the nurse practitioner who usually sees me, and therefore, knows me and my inscrutable skin.

You see, immunosuppressives place an individual at risk for squamous cell carcinoma, thus my skin deserves a little more than a cursory look. Going in with an open mind and will see how it goes.

I can always schedule with my regular provider for my May visit if need be.

I ‘Monslay’ approach that I apply to any day that has ‘Monslay’ properties:

  1. Essentials only
  2. Stay home
  3. Do small projects around the house
  4. No exercise unless it’s yoga
  5. Nap if possible before school gets out and homework begins

Truly, a Monslay day is a day that demands more than I have to give, and that’s okay; the important thing is that I’ve learned to recognize such days and plan accordingly.

Do you have days like these? If so, what are your strategies to protect you health and wellbeing? Please share in the comment section to follow.

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