Best Friends, Birthdays, [and] Bad Moms

After almost an entire week of my household being sick, Thursday finally showed up!

Thursday had been on my calendar for a month; Thursday was ‘Best Friends, Birthdays, and Bad Moms’ Day which translates into ‘Celebrate Good Times, C’mon’; Thursday was celebrate Kara day!

Kara and I have walked through thick and thin in terms of the trials of this life, and there is a bond between us at the soul level that is not easy to come by in today’s culture.

We are real. We are vulnerable. We are transparent. We are perfectly imperfect.We are gladiators in the arena, and the critics who take their seats in the stands, well, we’re not their biggest fans!

Our hashtag is BadMoms: Why?

Well, it’s not because we are bad moms rather it’s because we are real moms who have given up on trying to be perfect moms.

Kara’s birthday is in November, and Bad Moms was THE perfect, indeed the ONLY way, to celebrate it!

Calendars: Blocked
Tickets: Fandangoed
Gift: Swooed

With Christmas themed blankets in hand and wine in my bag, we were off with our #badmom selves!

We may not be nominated for Moms of the Year or we may well be: who knows!

I just know that I am blessed beyond measure to do this thing called life with Kara in my life: this day, every day…

PS Alliteration: well played; I know, right?!



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