Giving Thanks

Part of survivor life is knowing that you’re never out of the woods, so to speak; there is always a part of you that wonders if/when the sword of Damocles is going to drop again.

I shared how I organize my healthcare such that I do all of my follow ups in May and November in a previous post.

My choice of those months is intentional.

May is the month that I woke up after my heart transplant which had taken place a good 2 weeks prior on 4/21/08. In fact, the very first day that I remember is Mother’s Day, and our son using a step stool to climb up so he could reach me to give me a hug and my present.

Thus, May marked the beginning of my recovery: mind, body, heart, and soul.

November falls 6 months after May and thanksgiving falls within [it], so it makes sense to me that I should interface with those things [and] people that remind me of all that I have to be thankful for.

Thus far in November, I have seen my breast surgeon to follow up on my annual screening MRI for secondary breast cancer as well as my local heart transplant team and dermatology.

My MRI was clear with absolutely no areas of concern, and the echocardiogram of my heart was unremarkable with exceptional heart function, a very good thing.

I got the all clear from dermatology, too.

Yet to come, a trip to the dentist and a visit with my trauma psychiatrist.

Yes, I have a trauma psychiatrist, doesn’t everyone with a similar life experience?!

This week my husband is off and our son is out of school; we have no family coming in for Thanksgiving, so it will just be the 3 pack.

My husband’s birthday is Friday, so the celebration planning is in full swing.

He’ll be running a 5K while I’m making the dessert of his choice. There are balloons to be inflated, streamers to be hung, candles to be lit, and glasses to be raised in his honor.

So yes, there will be much giving of thanks in our household this week as we have been graced another year together, a year we never dreamed we would have.

I pray a wonderful week of thanksgiving to you and yours, and I’ll catch you on the flip side, next week.

Happiest of thanksgivings, friends!

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