These Days

I’ve known the ‘I’ll walk ahead’ day would come [and] today was THAT day!

Our son has transformed from a little boy to a young man who is also 100% teenager, pulling us close one minute then stiff arming us the next. His quest for independence and identity are in full swing as I go from being thrilled one minute to throwing up the next: ha!

Though our culture has largely succeeded in injecting a jaded cynicism that has resigned many to believing that these days are days to be survived, I firmly believe that these days are not-to-be-missed opportunities to speak life and truth into his heart.

Prior to my heart transplant 10 years ago when he was a very young 5-year-old, I taught him the sign for ‘I love you’ knowing that there would be more than a few days when that was the only way I’d be able to communicate with him, but also knowing that THAT day when public hugs, cheek kisses, I love you, and the I’ll walk ahead day would come.*

He knows THAT sign [and] it has come in handy through the years.

When he’s on the soccer field [and] has a big play, he turns to look at me knowing that my hands will be in the air giving him the ‘I love you’ sign in affirmation of him.

These days, he can still communicate his love with a discreet sign [and] I love it!

He started high school last week [and] I am blessed beyond measure to be present, literally alive, for these days in his life. Because we had some class scheduling issues to address together this morning, I needed to go into the building this morning.

I parked the car.

We got out.


I heard the words ‘I’ll just walk ahead, mom’.

I smiled [and] replied ‘meet you inside’.

That’s my boy growing up; I now look up to him [and] though he may be a little too cool for me these days, of this I am certain, he knows I am a soft place to fall, a listening ear, and a giver of much needed hugs!

LOVE my kid: always, NO MATTER WHAT, [and] a whole, whole lot…

*Note: he does not walk out the door without a snug hug, a kiss on the cheek, and a verbalized I love you, ever.

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