Battles and Blessings

Beyond the DollarsI was a child, an 8-year-old little girl when I was diagnosed with cancer, specifically Ewing's sarcoma to my left chest wall. My losses were never quantified in lost wages, eviction notices, or employment discrimination. No, my losses went beyond the dollar; my losses were those of a child. I missed my third-grade … Continue reading Battles and Blessings

Dearest Mom

Today, I am sharing a letter of gratitude that I wrote to my mom 5 years ago when I truly came to appreciate the fullness of her care, her love for me. I invite you to read this as if your child had written it to you because whether or not they have or ever … Continue reading Dearest Mom


This week on the blog, the focus is on perspectives; childhood cancer through the eyes of my dad, through my eyes as I studied my mom, and my observations of my older brother and his experience as the sibling of me, his sister with cancer. The psychosocial impact of childhood cancer on the affected child … Continue reading Perspectives

the ‘Other Guy’ Rule

From the father of an adult survivor of childhood cancer written through his father-eyes, his heart-tender, and in his own words on the lived experience of being told your daughter has cancer, then 30 years later that she needed a new heart. “We tell ourselves it’s always the 'other guy’. It only happens to other … Continue reading the ‘Other Guy’ Rule

Shared Decision Making

I met with my PCP, Dr. Pepper, a couple of weeks ago, to discuss a plan for lung surveillance moving forward. I had several things on my heart and mind that I felt we needed to plan for in the future specific to potential late effects. I have several unique 'things' that place me at … Continue reading Shared Decision Making

Kindred Comfort

Childhood cancer is not an episodic illness rather it is an illness that leaves no one unscathed with 95% of adult survivors living with at least 1 chronic health concern by the time they turn 45. There is a 'pooh and piglet' quote that I love: "Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't … Continue reading Kindred Comfort

Childhood Cancer

Forty-three children are diagnosed with cancer every. single. day. which adds up to roughly 16K children from birth-19 each year. Presently, there are approximately 350K survivors of childhood cancer. Cancer is the #1 cause of disease-related death in infants, children, and teens; it is also the #1 cause of disease-related death among the 70K young adults … Continue reading Childhood Cancer

Coming in September

I thought I would take the time to share all that is coming September, so you have an idea what to expect here at Living the Cure. On the blog, while some posts will address issues surrounding diagnosis and treatment, the majority of posts will focus upon matters of survivorship, including everything from the latest … Continue reading Coming in September

Cure is Not Enough

September dawns today as the nation, the world dons all things gold in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a month in which awareness-raising activities abound. Historically, the need for a cure is front [and] center with little mention of the living out of the cure in the survivorship years. As an adult survivor of … Continue reading Cure is Not Enough