Black Friday and Organ Donation

Black Friday is not for the faint of heart [or] the compromised of immunity. I was out Wednesday morning for an appointment and a little retail therapy in preparation for the holidays.

What time was it? 10 am.

Why? Because at 10 am, I am likely to be the ONLY customer in the shops which necessarily limits my contact with a lot of people, and thus, potential infectious exposures.

I always go in knowing what I’m looking for; if they don’t have it, then I’m in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Can you imagine in and out in 5 minutes on Black Friday?!

When I was at the Loft, I asked the manager how much savings I would be missing on Friday as I am not able to shop Black Friday sales; A LOT was her response! She asked why I wouldn’t be out on Friday after asking me to donate to St. Jude’s, so I pointed to the sign and shared that I was a 40-year survivor of childhood cancer and a 10 and 1/2 survivor of heart transplant.

I explained that I take medications every 12 hours to keep my body from rejecting my heart which makes me more susceptible to infections than my normal counterparts.

They were full of questions as most individuals are when they first learn about my lived experience and because I was the only person in the store, I could stay and talk awhile.

I didn’t score any Black Friday deals, but that was never my intention. No, my intention is always to raise awareness of cancer and transplant, the lived experience and the subsequent realities.

Infection and rejection are very much a part of my life, every organ recipient’s life. We take immunosuppressive every 12 hours for the rest of our lives, and we do so without complaint knowing that so many die waiting.

Gift Life this December by registering as an organ donor; I am alive and able to be present with my family because a 17-year-old checked the box at the DMV and her parents consented to donation at the time of her tragic death.

YOU can potentially change someone’s life if you’ll take the time to register AND talk with your family about your decision.

How can you register?

  1. Click Here
  2. Facebook
  3. Check the Box at the Department of Motor Vehicles
  4. Sign up at an organ donation drive

Also, you may want to investigate the possibility of being a living donor [kidney, liver]. to read more about living donation:

Kidney: Click Here

Liver: Click Here

Finally, my mom who died almost 4 years ago of end-stage kidney disease and also lived with multiple chronic conditions, elected to donate her body to research through MedCure.

Please act on behalf of others today. The truth is you are more likely to need an organ transplant than to become a donor.

Now, get out there and tackle Black Friday on my behalf; I’ll be at home pacing myself as we begin to deck the halls!

See you on Cyber Monday; now, that’s my kind of shopping!


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