Top 10 Memories of 2018

10. Using my personal and professional expertise to speak on behalf of survivors of childhood cancer   9.  Returning to Fort Worth, TX to present at Pediatric Oncology Grand Rounds   8.  The Opry   7.  The Violent Femmes at the Ryman   6.  Girls Get-a-way with Katie Lacy to Nashville, TN; LOVED our time … Continue reading Top 10 Memories of 2018

Total Body Skin Check

Well, my medical year in review includes something that I believe gets looked at every day, but it all to often overlooked in the care of the adult survivor of childhood cancer who received radiation. I will link to the Children's Oncology Group/s risk factors and guidelines at the end of the post. This year … Continue reading Total Body Skin Check

Anniversaries: Do They Serve You OR Hurt You?!

Now, I am not talking about happy birthdays [and] wedding anniversaries. I am talking about the 'darkerversaries' such as the date of a cancer diagnosis, the death of a loved one, or a relapse, and I find myself asking whether remembering anniversaries of the 'darkerversaries' serves me or hurts me. Do they lift me up, … Continue reading Anniversaries: Do They Serve You OR Hurt You?!

Presents and Presence

Merry Christmas, y'all! This Christmas has flipped on us meaning that uncle Matt and aunt Lisa went to visit with his brother and his family first and they will come to us tomorrow to visit before returning to Wyoming on the 30th. For essentially 2 decades, we have had them with us on Christmas Eve … Continue reading Presents and Presence

Working Smart: Grocery Delivery and/or Pick Up

Living with a chronic illness requires one to work smart, to listen to one's body, and to be flexible on a daily basis. Today, I am sharing my grocery shopping tips, tricks, and props. I really must confess that my dislike, borderline hate, of the grocery store predates my heart transplant and while I'm no fan … Continue reading Working Smart: Grocery Delivery and/or Pick Up

Self Care: Rationing my Energy

When a resource is limited, the resource is rationed; it's that simple. So, when the resource is energy, it is rationed just like other scarce resources. I ration my energy on a daily basis as a matter of self care, and some days I do a better job than others. Now, if you know me, … Continue reading Self Care: Rationing my Energy


" Rosemary, that's for remembrance." ~Shakespeare   Grief and depression are often exacerbated by the holidays; we tend to look back,  remember Christmases past, and for some of us, the whole month holds dates of great significance in our lives. I was admitted to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh on 12/11/78 [and] diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma … Continue reading Rosemary

Advocacy, the Highest Form of Self Care

A little something happened last week that bears mentioning as a means to encourage, empower others to speak up on behalf of themselves because no one will EVER be as invested in your outcome as you are. Advocacy is the highest form of self care. On the day of my second home health visit, the … Continue reading Advocacy, the Highest Form of Self Care