Presents and Presence

Merry Christmas, y’all!

This Christmas has flipped on us meaning that uncle Matt and aunt Lisa went to visit with his brother and his family first and they will come to us tomorrow to visit before returning to Wyoming on the 30th.

For essentially 2 decades, we have had them with us on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day [and] I must confess to some degree of disappointment. You see, I took my eye off what really mattered: seeing them NOT when we would see them.

We have developed traditions through the years that they’ve been a part of, but I learned through this opportunity that they are our traditions whether Matt and Lisa are present with us or not.

For example, we have always opened presents on Christmas eve and last evening was no different. The 3 of us gathered around our Christmas tree and I began to pass out rounds of presents. It was a different kind of fun; it was our small family kind of fun where time was taken to savor the gift and to thank the giver.


There will be plenty of time come Wednesday for football at the field, board games, movies, and Christmas light tours. For now, I have my 3 pack under one roof all to myself and their presence was the greatest present to me second only to that sweet babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

JOY in this day. Celebrate everything: big and little. Savor every moment. Document the day with a memory that touched your heart, a treasure that you can pull our next year and savor again and again.

Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect because they never will be.

Simply begin…






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