Illness in the House

Sadly, I am waking up to a house of illin’ this morning. Everyone except me is sick with a stomach bug of some sort which is giving rise to this post.

How exactly does an immune compromised wife [and] mom care for her sick family while protecting herself from catching it as well?

Well, we have a protocol, so to speak, for these situations:

  1. If you have symptoms consistent with the flu, then you are off to be tested so that Tamiflu can be started immediately
  2. Handwashing is paramount for every family member
  3. You stay where you are [and] text me when you need something
  4. I leave what you need water, kleenex, Zofran, et cetera at the door or on your bedside table
  5. Lysol wipes for all door knobs
  6. I move between the guest room, my home office, and the kitchen
  7. Compassion is communicated through words rather than a hand squeeze, hugs, or a reassuring hand on the shoulder

It may seem cold [and] sterile to you, the reader; however, to my knowledge, neither my husband or my son has ever felt neglected while they were sick, and I’ve never gotten sick from them.

So, there you have it; it’s the way we roll with illness in the house.


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