Stricken with the Flu

Even when you do everything possible to avoid the flu, there will be times when you are unsuccessful. I know of what I write as I came down with the flu Sunday almost immediately after the Super Bowl exactly a week after my husband had it.

My fever was 102.5 and I had chills for 3 hours with very little sleep; the body aches have been the worst not to mention the nausea and vomiting. I give thanks that I have not had any respiratory symptoms yet as I live with one functional lung thanks to the radiation I received as a child.

These 2 days have been challenging. My husband left for Norway last Thursday and became sicker upon arrival. He is flying home today to be with me and to heal himself. I am so thankful.

Our son has been such a support in the absence of his father; he truly is a young man now. CRAZY how that happened SO fast.

For the first time EVER, I’ve worn a mask to nip the contagion in the proverbial bud. Handwashing is key along with rest and pushing fluids.

My PCP has been wonderful which is not surprising because she always is. She prescribed everything I needed to manage the symptoms along with a new antiviral medication called Xofluza, an alternative to Tamiflu, designed for those who are at high risk for complications of the flu.

It’s an ideal choice for someone like me. Remember, one functional lung. I also believe I will be able to avoid admission to the hospital.

If you fall into the high-risk category, I recommend you ask about Zofluza; it is new to the market recently approved by the FDA so not all insurance plans will cover it. I had $60 copay, but I believe it was worth every penny.

High-risk individuals would include the eldest among us, immune compromise, and any underlying chronic illness.

I’ve had 2 incredibly terrible days and the only thing on my agenda today is rest and fluids. Please know that I am not complaining; this is a transplant reality.

Be well, my friends.


PS A little turmeric chicken noodle soup is also a good thing, a very good thing!

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