Fight for the Moment

Even as a 40-year survivor of childhood cancer, I still ‘fight for the moment’. It is so easy to get stuck in the memories, the trauma of the past. Conversely, it is so easy to wonder, to worry about the future. So, the fight to be present ‘in the moment’ is real and it can be quite difficult at times. Something akin to fighting to overcome the pull of the oceanic undertow.

I am certain that I am not alone in this fight, yet what can we do about it?

Childhood cancer and heart transplant stripped me of the idea of ‘longevity of life’. It’s a luxury I don’t have, nobody does, if you REALLY think about it.

Having been on the threshold of eternity 12 years ago, I was forced to go through the process of letting go of those I love and the things of this life. It is far easier to let go of things than it is to let go of your loved ones. Remember I had a young wife and mom to a 4-year-old.

I continue to this day to learn the difficult art of letting go and beginning again. Easy, no; worth it, yes!

I am learning that I can be strong, courageous, brave and vulnerable, transparent, and human when faced with the unknown, the uncertainty that is a reality in my life.

Let each of us fight for our moments, to be fully present, to truly live.

“The bitter leads us to appreciate the sweet while the sweet serves to make the bitter tolerable.” ~Stephanie Zimmerman


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