What’s Your Date?

I’m a little quirky when it comes to dates. I can’t forget them: the good, the bad, or the ugly. Believe me, I’ve tried. Last December, I wrote Anniversaries: Do They Serve You OR Hurt You? as I was struggling to stay present in the moments of my life because I was remembering (vividly); events of the past, a hallmark sign of post-traumatic stress.

You see, dates are triggers for me. So remembering the harder dates and anniversaries was, in fact, hurting me, my family.

It was time to flip the script and so, I did.

In January of this year, I made a commitment that on those harder dates I would acknowledge what happened, then let it go. It’s not that I want to forget the harder moments, days, dates of my life; it’s that I don’t want them to ‘rule the day’, define me, and strip me of the joys of the present.

How’s that going for me?

It’s going really, really well thus far. For sure there are dates, anniversaries that are harder to let go than others, but overall I am meeting with success.

Today, I am able to diffuse the memories each date holds instead of flashing back, reliving them. I am all the better for it and so is my family. I’ve discovered that the antidote for the way dates trigger my PTSD is gratitude. Gratitude for who I’ve become as a result of the trials of those harder dates.

So, what’s your date?!

PS Ironically, one of my best friends, sent me an email this morning entitled, “what’s your date?”, the date that changed your world, who you are at the core. I giggled to myself as I didn’t know which date to chose!




One thought on “What’s Your Date?

  1. Ahhhh, at times I have truly struggled with various dates …… the date of my heart attack (4/28), the date I was placed on the UNOS waiting list (5/9) ….. which is also the date my donor, Benny Keith, passed away. And of course my transplant date (5/11) is a very bittersweet day. But, through it all ……. and it took a long time, to acknowledge this ……. I can look at all those dates and honestly say ….. what little I remember about those days……. LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!

    Since transplant, I am day 4,407 and you are at day 4,061 ……… out those days how many truly awful, no good, very bad days have I had …… counting ICU and Step Down and days I’ve been pretty sick …… maybe 40 ro 50 days days …….. a pretty good ratio of good to bad!!

    And I am grateful for each day ….. it was all God’s work ….. his plan for me. I can’t/won’t ever second guess him.

    Another way I look at these dates …. LOOK AT ALL THE AMAZING PEOPLE (LIKE YOU) THAT I HAVE MET ON THIS PART OF MY (our) JOURNEY!!!

    Love you!! ❤


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