Late Effects: Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD

Today, I am attempting my first EVER Facebook LIVE with a closed group Surviving Survivorship that I recently created in an effort to raise awareness regarding late effects of cancer treatment months, years, even decades out from the end of treatment. If you are an adult survivor of cancer diagnosed from birth up to 39 … Continue reading Late Effects: Anxiety, Depression, & PTSD

every day, many times a day kind of hugs

From the archives of my password-protected personal blogs: You may or may not be familiar with Gary Chapman's love language books. If you are not and you are a parent, I highly recommend them to you. I currently refer to The 5 Love Languages of Teens: The Secret to Loving Teenagers Effectively given that our … Continue reading every day, many times a day kind of hugs

Remnant of my Heart

There is a phenomenon that comes with amputation called phantom pain. The pain is rooted in the body's nervous system, the body's memory of the amputated limb or heart as in my case. My body 'thinks' that my heart is still there even though it isn't. This phantom pain is not so much pain as … Continue reading Remnant of my Heart

Surviving Survivorship: Cancer Treatment-Related Late Effects

A dear friend and fellow survivor who died several years ago of heart failure caused by mantle radiation and doxorubicin had a blog entitled 'Surviving Survivorship.' She made me promise to use that term, phrase, idea, reality in a way that would benefit other adult survivors of childhood and AYA cancers. It's taken me this … Continue reading Surviving Survivorship: Cancer Treatment-Related Late Effects

Being Heard

This post is going to be about how important being heard has been to me across the years since my diagnosis in 1978 as late effects have surfaced, and in many instances, persist. but first For some reason, I decided to look for an image to pair with the post before I wrote a single … Continue reading Being Heard

REALity Check

I recently watched Suleika Jaouad's TEDtalk and so much of what she said resonated with me not so much as a childhood cancer survivor but as heart failure [and] transplant survivor. She addressed the myths that are played out in social media using adjectives like "untrue", even "dangerous" as they "erase" the very REAL challenges … Continue reading REALity Check

Happy Dance

We used to have a 'happy dance' tradition in our family. When we received good news or reached a milestone, we would do a goofy, happy dance together as a family. My husband and I started this in the early years of our marriage and our son delighted in them throughout his preschool, elementary years. … Continue reading Happy Dance

Working Smart: the Basics

As anyone with limited stamina for whatever reason knows all too well, you have to work smart, so here are some of my best tips, tricks, and props regarding the basics of 'the daily', so to speak. Plan: I have a bullet journal that houses the daily 'to-do' list; I review every day always looking … Continue reading Working Smart: the Basics