Happy Dance

We used to have a ‘happy dance’ tradition in our family. When we received good news or reached a milestone, we would do a goofy, happy dance together as a family. My husband and I started this in the early years of our marriage and our son delighted in them throughout his preschool, elementary years. Now that he’s in high school, not so much!

So, why I am sharing our ‘happy dance’ tradition with you?!

My husband and I just returned from celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Maui. I don’t have a history of good Hawaiian experiences. We’ve been to each of the developed Islands and without fail I have either been sick or too tired to enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer and enjoy.

Having spent the 6 weeks leading up to our trip recovering from serious bout of pneumonia, I was concerned that this trip would go down as another disappointment. However, I was not going to go down without out a fight! So, I did everything [and] I do mean everything in an effort to protect my health and ensure sweet time with my beloved.

I spent my recovery days on the daybed resting, drinking fluids, and indulging in a little retail therapy for the trip. I cleared my schedule of almost all activity for 4 weeks. I began to adjust my medication schedule 10 days prior to departure as well as my sleep-wake cycle so that I wouldn’t miss any doses or struggle with jet-lag given the 6 hour time difference.

My efforts were not in vain. Not once did I struggle with jet-lag and I didn’t miss a dose of my anti-rejection meds. We woke up about 6 each morning. John would run or hike while I stayed behind at the pool with a good book or on the balcony, deck with my iPad writing before we would begin to plan our day.

The trip, our time together was absolutely incredible; I loved Maui. I even “hiked” which looks very different for me, but I climbed up a hill and over a barbed wire fence trespassing to see the most beautiful eucalyptus tree in the grove. It was a hidden treasure set apart from the rest of the roadside trees that everyone gets out to take pictures of. We, however, explored [and] found something truly special.

The last 10 years have been challenging on so many fronts stemming from my heart transplant. I, we, our marriage needed this trip to reconnect.

We were truly blessed by one another and the gift of the time with one another.

So, I am doing a happy dance because we did Maui.

I am doing a happy dance because we made so many good memories together.

I am doing a happy dance because my strength and stamina held its own.

I am doing a happy dance because we laughed, strolled down memory lane, and savored every single moment.

And, of course, we missed our son; however, he was having a grand old time on the ranch with his aunt and uncle in Wyoming.

It’s time for our family to bring back the happy dance. Our son may think he has outgrown such displays; however, I am hopeful that he will circle back around and join in!

It’s a feel good tradition that will lift you up and out of any muck, mire you may be experiencing.

How do you celebrate milestones, red letter and write home about it kinds of days?

I’d love to know, so please share by leaving a comment below.

Until we meet again, mahalo, Maui!



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