April: Organ Donation Awareness Month

Did you know that April is organ donation awareness month? It would not surprise me if your answer is no as organ donation awareness is somewhat of a taboo subject largely because it involves acknowledging our own mortality. We, as a culture, are not comfortable with death as a reality. Did you know that the … Continue reading April: Organ Donation Awareness Month

Fight for the Moment

Even as a 40-year survivor of childhood cancer, I still 'fight for the moment'. It is so easy to get stuck in the memories, the trauma of the past. Conversely, it is so easy to wonder, to worry about the future. So, the fight to be present 'in the moment' is real and it can … Continue reading Fight for the Moment

Find Your Tribe

Find your Tribe. It's a matter of great import and I’ve got some thoughts to share on this under-addressed, yet oh so critical aspect of the lived experience of cancer from diagnosis [and] treatment to the end of active treatment, the living out of the cure and the encountering of late effects of cancer treatment. … Continue reading Find Your Tribe

Stricken with the Flu

Even when you do everything possible to avoid the flu, there will be times when you are unsuccessful. I know of what I write as I came down with the flu Sunday almost immediately after the Super Bowl exactly a week after my husband had it. My fever was 102.5 and I had chills for … Continue reading Stricken with the Flu

Illness in the House

Sadly, I am waking up to a house of illin' this morning. Everyone except me is sick with a stomach bug of some sort which is giving rise to this post. How exactly does an immune compromised wife [and] mom care for her sick family while protecting herself from catching it as well? Well, we … Continue reading Illness in the House

Rosemary and Remembrance

"There's rosemary; that's for remembrance: pray, love, remember." ~William Shakespeare It was Sunday morning at the hospice house. It had been 3 days since I spoke with my mom for the last time as delirium and paranoia set in, and she finally slipped into a coma. Her last words to me, “hey Stephie!” followed by the … Continue reading Rosemary and Remembrance

Participating in Your Care: the Benefits

A few days ago I posted a link to a review paper looking at the benefits of individuals participating in their healthcare [and] the healthcare decision-making process. CLICK HERE to read the review piece. Up until the last decade, the practice of medicine could be described as paternalistic with blind obedience on the part of … Continue reading Participating in Your Care: the Benefits

Working Smart: Minimizing Infectious Risk

Well, cold and flu season has arrived, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share with you steps that I take to protect my health and wellness during the winter months. The first rule of heart transplant is to avoid large crowds, especially during winter months. I, like all organ recipients, am immune compromised … Continue reading Working Smart: Minimizing Infectious Risk

Begin: Stand Up for YOU

As I posted, my one little word that I'm hoping will have a BIG impact on my heart-soul this year is 'begin'. I wanted to share an encounter I had today with a radiology group that speaks to the importance that we all begin to stand up for ourselves and stop blindly paying for services … Continue reading Begin: Stand Up for YOU

One Little Word: Begin

My one little word, #OLW, for 2019 is 'begin'. Begin is an action verb that stems from the Latin genero, gigno meaning to rise to, to commence. It is time. Time to rise to, to rise up. Time to commence. Time to take the plow to the fallow ground of my heart-soul. Time to create. … Continue reading One Little Word: Begin