Being Heard

This post is going to be about how important being heard has been to me across the years since my diagnosis in 1978 as late effects have surfaced, and in many instances, persist. but first For some reason, I decided to look for an image to pair with the post before I wrote a single … Continue reading Being Heard

An Open Letter to Healthcare Providers

Although professionally, I was a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner prior to my heart transplant, I write this letter as an individual who lives with long-lasting late effects stemming from the successful treatment of Ewing's Sarcoma as a child in the late 1970's along with the daily implications of immunosuppression. Dear Healthcare Providers, I write because I … Continue reading An Open Letter to Healthcare Providers

Advocacy, the Highest Form of Self Care

A little something happened last week that bears mentioning as a means to encourage, empower others to speak up on behalf of themselves because no one will EVER be as invested in your outcome as you are. Advocacy is the highest form of self care. On the day of my second home health visit, the … Continue reading Advocacy, the Highest Form of Self Care