Timeline and Recovery: COVID19-like Illness

As someone who lives with a suppressed immune system, I want to share the timeline of my recent COVID19-like illness to educate and to equip you should you find your symptoms being dismissed as mild to moderate and instructed to ride it out at home unless you get worse.¬†Quite candidly, unless we, the medically vulnerable, … Continue reading Timeline and Recovery: COVID19-like Illness

Surviving Survivorship: Cancer Treatment-Related Late Effects

A dear friend and fellow survivor who died several years ago of heart failure caused by mantle radiation and doxorubicin had a blog entitled 'Surviving Survivorship.' She made me promise to use that term, phrase, idea, reality in a way that would benefit other adult survivors of childhood and AYA cancers. It's taken me this … Continue reading Surviving Survivorship: Cancer Treatment-Related Late Effects

Being Heard

This post is going to be about how important being heard has been to me across the years since my diagnosis in 1978 as late effects have surfaced, and in many instances, persist. but first For some reason, I decided to look for an image to pair with the post before I wrote a single … Continue reading Being Heard


Presence is everything, and by presence, I mean being fully present, fully engaged. What do I say to a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with cancer? What are the right words? What do they want to talk about? What if I say something stupid or insensitive? What do I say to an … Continue reading Presence

Living the Cure

Living the Cure is ALL about seeking and cultivating WELLNESS in every area of your life while being ever mindful of your cancer treatment history and the risks you carry for treatment-related late effects.